Hey! Barbara here, i see you found your way to my Journoportfolio, Welcome! 🥂🥂

I am typically a creative content strategist with a penchant for using words to rightly establish a brand’s position in the consumer market.

The serious side of my work ensures my content is well-researched, rich in data, SEO adaptable, and user-readability enabled.

But, let me talk about the fun part. I'm also sort of a storytelling geek! I enjoy stringing narratives together to form beautiful and compelling storylines.

Either way, the aim of my work is to move my readers to action. Whether it's about making a purchase of a product I just wrote about, or, joining a subscription list for more brand content, my stories are going to have THAT effect on you.

How about you have a look at my work section?

I would be updating this space as often as i can. If however there's a niche you're interested in that is not reflected here, feel free to reach out, as i may be yet to update the portfolio as at your time of visit. 

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